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Advanced Magento Horizontal Checkout

Magento experts may know that existing one page checkout is not more attractive when compared to others. The straight view initially seems to be good, but next few years everyone gets familiar with it’s complicated and less fexible interface that just doesn’t do the work. To overcome this instance and make one page check out with more commercial with simple user interface we have contributed a layer of CSS code which can make the existing vertical view design to a horizontal interface with advanced bars.

This advance horizontal consist only of more important elements and remodeled the types to create better space getting single column of elements. This structure will be more unique and attractive thing is that it was fully developed in CSS codes. The benefit may extends up to simple installation just by adding css to your existing template,  more familiar to customize which fits your own design and cross browser compatible. The above snap shot shows the view of your checkout page once the CSS have added with your existing code.


— Pacific Web Consulting

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